Welcome to a universe of magic and sweetness.

Discover the exceptional savoir-faire and refinement of La Maison Belgium Treasure which shares its creations with love and passion from its foundation.

The Art of Biscuits

Our tale starts in 1950 with the founder of our House, Sir Jules Vermont. The passion for biscuits and exceptional savoir-faire of the Belgian artisan quickly made of his workshop an unmissable place in the Kingdom of Belgium that even started attracting a clientele from all around the world. Passing through Brussels, an American tourist once heard about the refinement and elegance of the artisan. Keen on discovering Sir Vermont creations, she passed the door of the atelier and dived into his magical and sweet universe. She found his biscuits so delicate that she christened them “Treasures of Belgium”

… and Belgium Treasure was born.

Love, Grace and Elegance

Today la Maison Belgium Treasure continues to honour its family heritage and tradition. All our creations are made with love and passion. We are pleased to share our exceptional savoir-faire and refinement with gourmet lovers from all around the world.